"Viterbo will be a premier institution among small independ- ent universities in the upper Midwest” (from Vision 2005 “A Renaissance for Living and Learning in the 21st Century” )

Viterbo is a Catholic University located in Wisconsin, dedicated to ethics based education. Mr. Ellis provided the overall concept design and laboratory planning for this new school. Aesthetically, it integrates into the existing traditional campus architecture, yet inwardly, is a modern environment. The new facility houses the University ́s President offices, 3-Distance Education Labs, 7-Chemistry Labs, 15-Biology Labs, 5-Research Labs, 12-Faculty offices and 2-Computer Labs. Integrating ethics into the science and technology disciplines, the students of Viterbo will have access to a state-of-the-art education that simultaneously offers knowledge and values-based learning.

The new centre will bring the learning resources of the world to Viterbo. Special technology and distance-learning equipment will be available for members of the university and community to use. The centre includes a tiered conference auditorium to host webcasts and down-linked video conferences, as well as live and distance presentations involving technology, leadership and ethics.