The Former RYTAC (Rotary YMCA Tennis and Aquatics Club) facility has been abandoned for several years until recently, when Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology acquired the property.

The intent of the College is to replace the building and offer it as both a community resource and to utilize various components for programmes for the College. Currently the site is comprised of the Boathouse building, which contains boat storage and launching facilities on the ground floor and a social room on the second.

In addition to the aquatics related activities housed within and adjacent the building, the other major use is an array of six tennis courts. These have recently been opened, with new nets, windbreaks and lighting. Our solution is to separate the two functions, with the social aspects being housed in one building, raised to maximize views, and the ’boathouse’ aspects constructed in more of a utilitarian nature as a second. Since the construction of the ‘social’ facilities would have a higher standard of finishes and be heated, it was determined substantial savings in both capital and operational cost can be obtained by creating co-joined distinct pavilions