Several architects were involved in the design of this state of the art hospital, each bringing specific expertise to ensure its successful completion.

david ELLIS architect was involved since 1997, beginning with the initial master plan and continuing to the final design of many of the technically challenging departments. The master plan phase, which took over three years to complete, began with a possible physical link between two existing hospitals, then a possible redevelopment of one of these hospitals into a single acute care facility and finally to the development of a new hospital, on a greenfield site.

Over one hundred future directions were analysed and redefined as part of the initial Master Plan, Analysis and Programme Phase. These recommendations were translated into a physical plan which includes 320 beds, a cancer treatment centre and substantial critical and ambulatory care facilities. For the new hospital, Mr. Ellis designed the most departments of all the architects involved, including the laboratories, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging (digital imaging and x-ray), bio-medical engineering, Ambulatory Care, CSR, etc., for this project.