The Group Health Centre has grown several-fold and has required several additions, satellite clinics and renovations over the years to accommodate changes in programme and expansion.

The GHC is one of Canada’s largest and well-known private health clinic. Creative phasing and scheduling has been required to ensure the least disruption to the facility and its operation. David Ellis has personally executed all the design work to the centre since he began his career.

Projects include four satellite clinics, a separate Women’s Health Centre, as well as other occupancies including: anaesthesiology, surgery, internal medicine, dentistry, counselling, diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy, cardiac unit, csr, vision and eye care, laboratories, phlebotomy, administration, board room, etc. Recently we have completed the new 5000 SF Medical Learner’s Facility at the GHC, plus in their satellite building a new 5035 SF OBGYN facility and a 5013 SF Family Practitioner Clinic for the GHC, plus several smaller clinics from 1000 to 3000 SF and a proposed pharmacy.