This interpretative centre has been designed to depict the role of the airplane opening up the north. It also defines the northern experience and heritage, with its relationship to aviation. This stems from fire fighting, mining exploration, transportation and medical services used to open up the north. The displays are educational and informative tools that explain how aircraft were used as a means to this end.

The project is sited at the existing hangar which was used by the Ministry of Natural Resources to build, service and repair fire fighting aircraft since the 1920’s. This building is considered to be an important part of aviation history and as such, is considered to be as much an exhibit, as are the aircraft and artifacts housed within.

Mr. Ellis’s work included the restoration of the hangar itself and the integration of a new modern and distinct entrance pavilion. Recent projects include the integration of a ‘virtual theatre’ that currently houses “The Wings Over the North” exhibit, designed in conjunction with Science North.