The new school amalgamates all students for the entire community, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, in one new facility. The project includes all classroom types from kindergarten rooms through science, music and arts classrooms. As the student population is small, most classrooms are designed to be able to be easily sub-divided into two smaller spaces on demand, to suit classes as small as 6 to a dozen students, up to full size. It has an interesting and diverse recreation component, separating yet utilizing similar facilities, for both elementary and senior grades.

As it is built in a remote location, the building was designed to be built using very little masonry (as the nearest concrete plant is two hours away), with a steel frame and precast panels, that could be pre-fabricated and easily trucked in and erected during the winter.

The project uses a multitude of energy saving and environmentally sustainable features to yield control and high energy efficiency. For example the entire school is heated and cooled using an in-ground geothermal system involving 72, 100 metre deep wells.